LamiDoor, is a trademark for products such as Door Cupboard, Kitchen Set and Interior Panels.

Designed for personal as well as professional needs, LamiDoor is a practical solution for interior contractors and small workshops that require ready to use and market available quality products.

LamiDoor comes is sizes that can fit your every needs and colors with patterns updated to the recent trend.

We offer 2 basic materials for your selection:

  • The first basic materials is Melamine Particle Board with HPL Pelangi lamination, which comes in affordable price and frequently used as a closet door and Kitchen Set door.
  • The second basic material is Plywood with HPL Pelangi lamination, which offers stronger and water resistance material suitable to its price.




HPL Pelangi panel is guaranteed for its strong material and resistant to heat, moisture, chemicals and impact. Please visit our website for more details on our colors and patterns.

Feel free to contact us for more info.